Published July 25th 2011

Thermoselect’s Gasification is cheaper than Incineration!

Less expensive and offers better results. Evolution of waste management benefited of a reduction of waste sent to landfill, all over the world. Either by waste reduction effort or by recycling or sorting technologies and reuse of waste products. In the last 20 to 25 years, the world has witnessed the growth of “Waste to Energy” systems, particularly in Europe and Asia. In America, the waste processing industries have retained mainly the use of landfill. Recently, the evidence is coming true, more and more, that waste is a resource that we could and should use to the benefit of our society. As opposition to landfill in North America, we can expect WTE systems to gain market share over landfill. That is, Gasification and Incineration processes.

Historically, the facts show that incineration processes have a bad track record and is one important factor to dioxin and furan air emissions in the world. 50% of the world dioxine and furane production is emitted by the 2,000 incinerators or so in Japan. It is important to say that there is a turnaround in Japan where there is the largest number of gasification treatment facilities including 7 Thermoselect plants; described as the best available large scale commercial waste treatment facility in the world presently.

The fact is also that Thermoselect’s gasification is by far cheaper than incineration treatment and the advantages of Thermoselect’s process over Incineration are (a) No emissions whatsoever, not even a chimney and (b) a lower cost for plant installations and (c) a lower gate fee for the municipalities and industrial clients.

This case is being confirmed by the projected plant in the Greater Toronto regions of Durham and York. The Incineration project chosen by their expert advisors is an Incinerator by Covanta, proposed at a cost of $272 Millions and with a capacity of 140,000 tons. 3R Synergy are currently proposing plants with a capacity of 300,000 tons per annum, at a cost of $200 Millions and a gate fee of less than $100 plus positive green ecological results.

Toronto Durham and York region’s selection

Thermoselect : 300,000 ton capacity = $200 Million = Tipping Fee of $100/ton

Covanta : 140,000 ton capacity = $272 Million = Tipping Fee of $135/ton.

We must emphasis the fact that there is no need for a landfill site aside of a Thermoselect plant; as 100% of the waste is transformed in a reusable products and so this gate fee represent 100% of treatment cost without any landfill extra costs like incinerators HAVE TO PAY.