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P R E S S    R E L E A S E S

IMPORTANT NOTICE - February 20, 2017

Addressed to Managers
Of Environmental Services related to Industrial and/or hazardous waste disposal
from large companies in commercial or industrial or Institutional activities
Either private or public.

3R Synergy is offering a new waste treatment¸ for all industrial, hazardous or domestic wastes. This waste treatment uses Thermoselect’s technology and achieves a 100% rate of recycling and ZERO landfill.

Two major projects are actually in development phase in the Quebec province and will be publicly own projects. 3R Synergy will operate these facilities. First phase of the project is the installation of a Waste transfer Center that will aloud to start receiving industrial waste material in the second half of 2017.

Thereafter, the second phase will follow with the installation of two Thermoselect developed the “High Temperature Gasification technology” plants in the province of Quebec; other plants are being considered in other part of Canada, as well. Thermoselect process is a large scale proven gasification technology applied at commercial scale since 1999 years in Japan. and This technology is conceived to entirely transform Industrial and Hazardous waste, including domestic waste, into synthetic gases, minerals, metals, salts, chemicals and a vitrified granulate (slag), all products that are re-used in industry.

The process is done within an enclosed oxygen free atmosphere (pyrolisis), followed by a gasification continuous stage that transforms all waste at 2 000 oC with ZERO Emission (air or sewer), in a plant that has no chimney.

3R Synergy, is offering that new service at competitive prices.

It is the technology of the future that we are offering today.

For Further Information, contact:
Mr. Charles Moreau : or au 514-754-3683


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