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Thermoselect Technology - Video

What world renowned experts say about the Thermoselect technology?


“Allows to eliminate landfill and to revalorise waste 100%”
(SNC-LAVALIN/Solenov-Comparison of technologies and scenarios of management of residual waste – 2008)

“The only proven gasification technology, operating at an Industrial scale”
(Waste Management World – Article published July 2007, parag. 2, by Nickolas J. Themelis.)

“This technology is presently the best option”
–Juniper Independent analysis by Juniper, Joe Schwager, Management Director, 2008

“Thermoselect wins the Trophy in Los Angeles”
Exhaustive study by the City of Los Angeles, August 2005, pp.62, 63, Section 6 Conclusions

Study by SNC-Lavalin/Solinov/CIRAIG

In a major study of worldwide technologies on behalf of the Communauté Metropolitaine de Montreal”, by SNC-Lavalin /Solinov / CIRAIG (University of Montreal) they concluded: “The high temperature gasification system is considered the most efficient. The CIRAIG, in an annexed Life Cycle Analysis concludes also that “gasification is cheaper, over a long period, than landfill”.

City of Los Angeles

After an exhaustive study of 225 potential technology suppliers, the city ranked as top #1 technology the one submitted by Interstate Waste Technologies Inc. (“IWT”), the US Representative of Thermoselect A..G. (see Annex 2 on enclosed CD) – Los Angeles Report, Executive Summary – Conclusions p. ES10)

The Juniper Report

In its report dated July 1st. 2003 and completed Nov. 5 2003, Juniper, independent experts, renown worldwide for their knowledge of thermal technologies, analysed Thermoselect’s operating plants in Karlsruhe and Chiba. They conclude that the Thermoselect technology is now “Commercial”. The report underlines in its conclusions: “...this is the only gasification technology that has successfully operated on relevant waste streams in both Japan and Europe, for sustained periods, at commercially significant scale”. Since that date, 6 other plants were built and are fully operative, and a number of new ones are now in planning.

Waste Management World

In a publication dated September 17 2007, Mr. Nickolas Themelis, professor Emeritus, Earth & Environmental Engineering, Columbia University, N.Y. and Chair of the “Waste to Energy Technology Council” wrote: “The only true gasification process at an industrial scale is the Thermoselect process, currently operating at seven facilities build by JFE, a major Japanese steel maker”.