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Thermoselect Technology - Video

Gasification is a Recycling and Proven Process

Thermoselect’s High temperature gasification is a recycling technology applied to residual waste. The only such technology in the world. It transforms waste that are considered non recyclable into energy and by-product that are reused into industrial applications. It is a true form of recycling; 100% of the treated waste is recycled into usable by-products. Thermoselect’s plants accept not only household waste, but also most types of commercial and industrial wastes, hazardous wastes and materials from the home building industry, including large objects Waste management must be handled on two fronts: plan globally and act locally. First, gathering the waste and salvaging the recycling materials are all the two most important steps to be taken. It allows to divert most of the waste that would otherwise go into landfill sites. It also serves to educate the population by making it more reliable and better aware of solutions. Moreover, this approach is a strong support the social and local economy.

To think globally is to have a larger view and to have an understanding of all various efforts made towards waste management. It is to find green solutions to solve the problems related to the residual ultimate waste. A Thermoselect plant can recycle 300,000 tons of residual waste per year. Quebec generates 6 million tons of such waste. This implies that most regions of Quebec could support a Thermoselect plant. Any other region of America is no different than Quebec province where waste generation is a profound treat to our actual and future heath and is an environmental and social serious concern. This means that landfill sites or “permitted storage” of waste, should end and our society decide to pay less; if we take into account, expert advice concerning the life cycle analysis of landfill versus gasification, the last is the cheapest.

Since 1999, 7 waste management plants were built in Japan
using Thermoselect technology. None of these have a chimney.

Some people expressed their concern, arguing that gasification plants would reduce recycling. Quite the opposite. Thermoselect plants will recycle only residual waste that cannot be recycled by conventional methods and which would otherwise be sent to landfill sites. Facts show that our society in America as it is also the case in Europe, will produce more and more of such residual waste which cannot be either reused or recycled. It is important to note that despite large amount of new residual waste available, the Thermoselect technology could process “old waste” coming out from landfill site decontamination as well, which is an exceptional feature and useful flexibility toward steady syngas production. It aloud to secure long term waste stream volume and act as a safety for investors and energy end users.

Japan banned the landfill. 12 years ago, JFE Enginering installed their first Thermoselect plant and went on to install a total of 7 such plants while also adding gasification lines to many incinerators to help them meet higher emissions standards and to avoid landfill. Thermoselect’s plants are so clean that some of them were installed in urban areas, some of which have been integrated to municipal swimming pools to supply them with heat. They have all been built by leading architects with the view of making architecturally attractive. Inconveniences from operations are almost nil, as all operations are carried out within the buildings and indoor air is constantly filtered to destroy the smell generated by the incoming waste.