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Toward a Greener Result

In spite of all our goodwill and all the funds dedicated to recycling over the last 25 to 30 years, the rate of municipal waste recycling barely reaches 40% if we take into account the waste that recycling centers send themselves to landfill. A very large portion of the recycling material is sent out in the international market and then there is no liabilities to force the recycling of that material. Portion of that material is used as a source of energy and when the energy price fall they stop import that material. As the client pay for the material then he is the one who decide what it will be used for. It cause large dust pollution in some countries, a major environmental problem and create health lungs disease to population. On top of that it increase the amount of GHG emission travelling outside Canada. We, at 3R Synergy, stand for local use of any recycling material and if not possible, revalue without emission that material with Thermoselect gasification process to produce green energy to replace fossil fuel.

Waste generation, increased by demographics and increasing waste generation per capita, grows faster than the reduction that result from all efforts to reduce and recycle waste; the net quantities of municipal waste sent to landfill increases year after year. Therefore, it is really 50 to 60% of residual waste that is sent to landfill each year. And this percentage is now increasing by 3% each year. It becomes urgent to analyze the current situation, so as to invest in proper green technologies that will insure complete and guarantied final solution.

As an example today, in the province of Quebec, municipalities are asking a new effort by managing a third waste bin and to support an additional $650 million expense to implement technologies to transform organic materials into Biogas and compost. The goal is to eliminate completely the landfill of organic matters in order to eliminate GHG from waste decomposition. The last 25 years, since recycling was introduced, have taught us that the results that are hoped for, did not materialize. How could we simply imagine introducing another collection, on top of the others, will result in better result or simply equivalent to recycling? The mean is simply not the one that would have any potential of success in reaching that 100% organic diversion goal. Reality will be the opposite… but the astronomical investment cost in comparison to the total weight of organic wastes diverted will remain for generations.

• Would it not be better to invest in a solution which offers 100% guaranty of result?
• A solution that is a normal legitimate service to the tax payer like any other public service?
• A solution that gives the best returns on investment and which is a better use of public money?

3R Synergy Inc., a Quebec based company, makes it its speciality, to analyse, promote and installe the best available green technologies in the area of waste management of all type of waste.

Whether it is a gasification or a methanization process or composting production, these technologies are tools that need to be used the proper way to achieve optimal results and to take the road to a greener territory. That is the Flagship concept we propose.

Can We Believe that this is the End of Landfill ?

Many ecologically progressive countries have totally banned landfill of organic materials. Japan chose the Thermoselect technology to complement their recycling programs. In that country the lack of space forced them to completely stop landfill of organic waste. So, they simply banned it completely.

In Canada, landfill is anchored into our everyday customs and habits. However more and more people are now asking for such a ban and asking to see more recycling. So, It will take time to get rid of this habit.

In spite of all our efforts, 60% of our total ”residual waste” is sent into landfill sites. And the total tonnage is increasing by about 3% each year.

High Temperature Gasification, a well proven technology can allow us to reach the “zero waste landfill” target that is desirable. More and more municipal leaders are now convinced that the technology is the one that can achieve this goal. A financial support from our governments could and will trigger many installations in our major cities.

Similarly, Governments of Quebec and Ontario are supporting the generation of green electricity by offering a high rate to the purchase of windpower. If the same support was offered to the “Energy from Waste” installations using the Thermoselect technology, there would be many plants that would result in our large communities.

Isn’t not the time NOW to support the production of energy from waste materials by using the high temperature gasification technology and achieve a better and Green Success? It will support very large GHG emission reduction all over Canada at the same time using these “resource” at their best.

Some Numbers:
“Recyc-Quebec” shows the success of recycling in Quebec province and shows that the production of ultimate or residual waste which are sent to landfill sites is also increasing. In 2008, Quebec province generated 13 million tons of waste, of which 6 million tons can neither be recycled nor composted. Each year, this tonnage is on the rise by an annual average of 4,6%. In 2010, Quebec province generated 14 million tons of waste. While we believe that we recycle about 50`% of our total household waste, in fact, recycling centers send to landfill sites about 15% to 30% of the waste they receive. In 2015 numbers showed an increase of recycling and reuse of waste and 5,5 Million tons was still sent to landfill sites in Quebec province. Those tons of ultimate waste are raw material or “resources” to produce biofuel and make the turn toward a less dependent fossil fuel society.