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Thermoselect Technology - Video

A First in America
and that it starts in Quebec

Imagine... a unique process which is able to treat all types of Municipal and Industrial residual waste, with no pollution and which achieves a recycling rate of 100% of the treated waste... it’s take the waste “as is” from: cleaning landfill sites operation or buried there, replacing landfill need completely.

This process is called “High Temperature Gasification. It is a Swiss patented technology, developed by Thermoselect A.G. The concept was started in 1992 by building a demonstration plant at Fontodoce, Italy, and reached the “commercial” status in 1999. High Temperature Gasification has now been in operation since that time without interruption.

This unique technology is now a proven technology, operating in 7 plants in Japan. According to world renowned “Waste to Energy” experts, Thermoselect is the only technology that transforms 100% of all types of waste into energy and other materials that can be reused in industry, without any emissions whatsoever. Treatment centers have no chimneys and this technology is the only one that does not require landfill for any of its by-products. This Process generates Zero emission, either in the air, in the water or in its solid by products.

A few other gasification technologies do produce energy from waste, but they are either experimental or in start up stages or produce electricity only. None of them have ongoing plants to demonstrate their efficiency and operating costs for syngas production. Only Thermoselect has succeeded in recycling 100% of its byproducts on an industrial scale for a sustained period of many years, with no pollution and without the use of landfill. This is unique in the world.

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