“This technology
is presently
the best option”

–Juniper Independent analysis by Juniper, Joe
Schwager, Management Director, 2008

Charles Moreau

Mr. Charles Moreau

Thermoselect Technology - Video

3R Synergy’s Team

Mr. Charles Moreau Mr. Charles Moreau has developed an extensive expertise in the waste disposal industry since 1992. After spending 3 years working in the biomedical waste industry with Pyroval Inc., Mr. Moreau founded 3R Environment International Inc. which processed residual wastes from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries from the provinces of Quebec and Ontario in Canada for a period of 12 years. Prior to 1992, Mr Moreau was involved many years into the financial market as stock broker.

In 2003, Mr. Moreau initiated an extensive research to locate the most advanced and best performing technologies worldwide applied to the recycling and the reuse of waste products. He discovered the Thermoselect AG’s High Temperature Gasification process, a high performing technology in usage in Japan since 1999. He then launched 3R Synergie Inc. in 2004, to promote Thermoselect’s technology as well as other economic and sustainable development technologies in Canada and in other markets. 3R Synergy works on specific project in Canada using the Thermoselect technology.

His “Flagship project” combines several technologies working together in a synergistic way to achieve the best overall and sustainable results.

3R Synergy’s collaborators working closely with Mr. Moreau are:

Thermoselect A.G., Liechtenstein, owns the Business Intellectual Property for the THERMOSELECT technology. It is based on a high temperature/slight over-pressure gasification process converting different kind of waste into synthesis gas, its down-stream products and inert raw material in an ecologically friendly way. THERMOSELECT technology is protected worldwide by a large number of patents covering procedure and technical components. Dr. Jürgen Riegel is Member of the Board. He is involved in the THERMOSELECT technology since its beginning 1990.

VIVERA Corporation, Liechtenstein, is authorized to market THERMOSELECT technology throughout the world, and to conclude contracts with third parties for a full turnkey implementation of High Temperature Thermoselect waste recycling plants, including chemical units for products from synthesis gas. Mrs Anita Riegel is Member of the Board. She works with THERMOSELECT technology since its early years.
( www.thermoselect.com )

WUHUAN Engineering Co., For Engineering, Procurement and Construction services VIVERA subcontracts WUHUAN Engineering Co., China. WUHUAN is highly experienced in gasification (since mid 1950) as well as Chemical plants and provides its services under Class A qualification certificates in global operations and international cooperation..
( www.cwcec.com )

Mr. Alain Legoupil, president of Legoupil Communication and V-P Communications 3R Synergy, has been involved in the communication industry for the last 35 years. He has been bringing his extensive expertise and passion to 3R Synergy since 2005.

Mr. Jacques Landry, V-P Recycling 3R Synergy, owner and shareholder of Group Sani-Tri from 2004 to 2011, the only state of the art recycling sorting center in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Mr. Landry also acts as a consultant for mining industry. Mr. Landry has been interested in 3R Synergy for many years and is actively participating since 2012.

Mr. Armand Brisson, Eng. is an electrical engineer with 2nd cycle studies in applied mathematics and simultaneous engineering. Strategic manager in the IT and market development fields, he cumulates an extensive experience in commercialization and managing sales abroad. He also has experience in building, structuring, managing and forming sales forces. He is a self-starter, hardworking individual with an analytical mind. He has developed new markets in the Indian Ocean an in China in implementing solutions for building with high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.

Mr. Gaston Beaulieu, Eng. MSc.A. President and founder of Gaïa Écosystemes, possesses an extensive experience in various industries, such as aeronautics and IT, as well as in multiphysics computer simulations and in research and development. Mr. Beaulieu is now working on creating a novelty type of greenhouse allowing for industrial biological agriculture of a wide variety in urban settings. On top of maximizing the sun energy input, Gaïa Écosystemes will use the energy contained in the waste heat hot water from the Thermoselect process to heat its greenhouses. Also CO2 resulting from chemical processes can find a useful purpose in his greenhouses.

Mr. Stéphane Lessard, President of CO2 Vortech Inc. V-P Finances 3R Synergy. Mr. Lessard works as an expert in accounting and finance for various clients and for 3R Synergy. Mr. Lessard cumulates 30 years of experience in his field.

Mr. Georges Vezina, M.B.A., an expert in industrial financing cumulating over 40 years experience in his successful career. Mr. Vezina devoted himself actively for 3R Synergy during eight years. Mr. Vezina recently passed away after successfully establishing the financial bases of 3R Synergy and its future development.

Mr. Michel Ouimet, Environmental innovator with over twenty years of cumulative experience at Cansolv technologies and at Shell, Michel has demonstrated his innovation in creating and improving greener technologies in the energy, agriculture and biotechnology fields. Joining the 3R Synergy team is a natural step because Thermoselect technology, in addition to creating energy and renewed products, reduces the footprint of human pollution on this planet, guaranteeing a future greener to our future generations.